The Clear Sky Story

With over 30 years of combined experience, one sunny morning in summer of 2022, a small group of experienced brokers and entrepreneurs decided to leave the comfort of their corporate aviation company and aim for something bigger, a charter experience more personalized, more modern, where clients are listened to and long term relationships are formed. What was once a fun conversation and business idea between colleagues, has now become a reality.

Located both in California and the East Coast, Clear Sky has a transparent view on the market couldn't be more excited pass that along to our customers. Our team has backgrounds and held leadership positions in aviation, tech, advertising and cybersecurity, providing a well rounded approach to a fragmented and often confusing industry. From the moment our clients click onto our homepage to stepping off the plane, we hope to bring a sense of clarity and confidence when booking a private charter.

100% Carbon Neutral

On a mission to reduce emissions by offsetting our carbon footprint.