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Book anywhere, anytime 24/7, 365. Clear Sky has experience with trips both long and short, both big groups and small groups. All aircrafts are vetted for safety and aesthetic.

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Private Charter

Clear Sky Air provides on-demand private charter solutions anywhere in the world 24/7 365. We hand pick all of our operating partners based on Safety (Argus and Wyvern rated), aircraft quality and consistency.

We do not work with any operator just to get the lowest price. When booking with Clear Sky, we combine over 15 years industry experience to create the perfect charter experience every time. 

Who owns the planes?

There are thousands of aircraft certified for retail private jet charter in the United States.

  • These planes are owned by private individuals, companies for corporate travel or aircraft management companies that charter planes for profit.
  • To make a plane available for charter, an owner must register for the appropriate air carrier certificate. For retail charter, the certification is FAA Part 135.
  • Once certified, an owner can place an aircraft on the charter market, available for consumers to rent.

How are planes aligned with trips?

On-demand jet charter providers use a many of methods in sourcing aircrafts.

  • The role of a private jet broker is to provide the best aircraft for a given trip, in an evolving and fragmented marketplace. Experience and relationships are incredibly important.
  • Brokers rely on relationships with owners in various markets, as well as industry tools to locate, evaluate and offer safe, cost-conscious aircraft for clients.

What are the safety standards of the aircraft used?

The FAA has requirements for equipment, maintenance and the crew of every aircraft, but the open charter market is largely unregulated for safety.

  • The FAA simply does not have the resources to examine every certified charter plane.
  • There are two major safety rating organizations that specialize in private jet charter – Aviation Research Group (ARG/US) and Wyvern.
  • Though there are exceptions, most trustworthy aircraft operators are registered with one or both companies.

Peak Season Charter Flights

Peak season trips are no different than other charters, but increased demand can affect pricing and availability.

  • When booking a peak season trip, contact your provider at least 30 days in advance if possible.
  • As major holidays approach, aircraft book quickly, limiting the pool of available options for clients booking late.
  • If all the planes based in or near your departure airport are already booked, you may need to pay more to fly a plane in from outside the area.

Last Minute Charter Flights

Last minute trips can require special considerations, but most flights can be booked with very little notice.

  • Last minute charters are a core offering of every on-demand provider.
  • Uptime varies by provider, but most flights can be arranged with as little as 2-4hrs.
  • Aircraft and crew availability are the primary concerns with last minute trips. There are a finite number of planes and pilots available for a given trip at any given time.
  • For example, flights out of rural airports on major holidays at midnight may be difficult to book!

If you’re new to private jet charter, an on-demand program may be the right choice for you.

With no capital commitment required and the ability to try different aircraft, on-demand charter is a great way to get familiar with the world of private jet travel.


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